Author: Dale Kuhn

Still Working in Real Estate

Of course in this case I am one of the few male salesmen working on this project, which is a huge condo project in Singapore Seaside Residences is the name of it and there are two enormous buildings with 26 floors in each of them. There are about eight hundred and fifty units in total […]

Exercising Our Right to Choose

If you’re moving to Texas and have questions about the energy providers available here in our beautiful Lone Star state then I highly encourage you to take a look at This is the same site that a friend of mine sent me to help figure it out as well! If you’re from a state […]

Just Bought an Old House

I guess that we are going to need to do a lot of things before this house will be ready for us to move into. I already talked to a tree service in long island about one of the trees. It hangs over the top of the house and I did not like the looks […]

I Wanted to Move in Quickly

When I first started looking at apartments, I had no idea I was going to find what I did. I was moving from a very small town, and the apartments there were very basic. I discovered that apartments in Albuquerque are quite different. I had found while I was scouring the Internet to find […]

We Are Almost Ready to Move in

Meg and I are almost ready to move into our first place, a really modest house across the street from a Baptist Church in a really quiet little neighborhood. It is smaller than the apartment we are moving out of, but there is a tiny little yard with a lot of flower beds and we […]