Doing the Best I Can with This Place

It is all pretty temporary I am sure, but I had a guy who does ac repair in bergen county nj swing past and do what he can to fix my Dad’s air conditioning. Of course he is a real miser these days, but he hates to ask me or my sister for money and it is not like he has a lot of money coming in. If it was was a person my age then I would not really worry as much about it. You sit in front of a fan and you get some ice cold tea, it is not going to be lethal very often. My Dad is not in the best of health though and he is going to have to have some cooling system in a good way. It is not like you can have a person his age and leave them unattended in days when it is really and truly hot, as in a hundred degrees. That is a really dangerous situation.

The truth is that me and my sister are trying to get him to sell the house and move in with her. She has the extra room for him to live in and she would be just fine with him doing it. It is not a thing that he is ready to do. He will probably tell you about how long he has been taking care of himself, which is basically since he was in his mid teens. Of course if you hear other people tell this story you think that Dad might be over stating, but he is not the only person who likes to stretch the truth when it makes the point that he is trying to get across. It is how things work in this world and you have to understand that much.