Exercising Our Right to Choose

If you’re moving to Texas and have questions about the energy providers available here in our beautiful Lone Star state then I highly encourage you to take a look at www.energyproviderstexas.com. This is the same site that a friend of mine sent me to help figure it out as well! If you’re from a state that only has a single energy provider, you’re in for a treat. Texas is one of those rare states with an abundance of natural resources which means there are several different providers here that are able to service you in a diverse number of different ways.

Not all energy is created equal. Especially here in Texas where competition in the industry is without a doubt one of the most harshly competitive that I have ever seen. It’s great for residents like us though! I am often having to change my finances around which means that I will in turn have to change up service providers based on how much I am currently making each year. Due to the nature of my work my annual income can vary quite a bit so I never exactly know where I am going to fall for the end of the year.

If I have made my goal or more than my goal, I don’t worry too much about tightening down on the rest of my expenses. If I look like I am going to be making less than my projected goal I will begin looking for a provider that is able to offer me a lower price than what I am currently paying. It’s not so bad to switch up providers like this. It gives me the opportunity to experience each company while exercising my right as an American citizen; the power of having a real, honest choice in the market.