Getting Things Set Up Here in Singapore

For the moment it is just me and I have a temp who is working for me. She is a gorgeous girl who is Chinese and Malay. I can not really tell if she is flirting with me or not to tell the truth. I like to think that she is and I believe I will keep the illusion whether it is real or not. I had to find myself a reliable virtual office address service in Singapore, a place from which to base the operation while I am over here. The temp came with it, but I think that I am going to keep her if no one has any objections. Like I said she is gorgeous and I like her too. That is not why I want to keep her. She speaks all of the languages that the locals speak and she has this incredible English accent, it is amazing and sounds awesome when you talk to her on the phone. I actually wonder if she practices sounding as perfectly as she does on the phone.

In fact this is a valuable thing for me, because my time is exceedingly valuable and I need to have some person to screen my calls and she seems to innately understand when something is important and when it is not. I am not quite sure how she does this, because she has little knowledge of our operations. She probably picks it up from the way I am with the people that I am dealing with. Of course they claim that women are more socially intelligent than men and that could be it. In fact she seems to be a bit of a genius at making people feel at ease. It is a really valuable skill to have I would think to be honest.