Glass and Mirrors Create the Easy Illusion of More Room

I moved into an old brownstone house earlier this year. These are homes that are typically two or three stories tall, and each of them is connected with no space in between the homes. Each of them have a small stairwell out front that leads to the front door of each of the homes. These homes are also very narrow, with the height of the second or third story giving the extra space you need. Installing mirrors in your home can help make the place look bigger, so my husband told me I should find a glass installer in Brooklyn to help with that. I thought it might be a good idea to go shopping on my own first to see if that would be the help that I needed.

We do not have all that many decor stores in my area, but I thought surely I would find enough places that would sell large mirrors. I visited several boutiques and found quite a few small mirrors that would help. But I really wanted to go with larger sizes. The larger sizes would reflect more of our small space, creating the illusion of a larger space. I figured I could go with buying several small ones and grouping them together, but I certainly did not want to do that all over my house.

After not having much luck, I ended up calling an install company and asking an employee to come over to our house and give us advice and pricing. I also stated that I wanted the help of one of their best employees, so they sent someone over who has 25 years of fantastic experience. He explained that he could create mirrors that would be perfect for our place, and he could also install glass doors in our bathroom to help create the look of a larger room. He did everything for a great price and our little home looks much more expansive now.