I Needed a Place to Store a Grand Gift from a Friend

Two things were happening that made me feel great. One was that I was getting a new apartment in a couple of months. It is a much bigger place. I barely have room to turn around in my place. The second thing was a gift from a friend who was moving back to his home country now that his work was finished here. He has lived here for a decade and has acquired plenty of nice things he will not be taking with him. In order for me to accept his gift, I went to http://www.store-friendly.com.sg.

He gave me the Baby Grand piano he has had for about five years. I play it every time I visit him. I have been playing since I was a child, but I only have a keyboard at home. There is nothing like a real piano, especially a quality one like this one. There would be enough room for it in my new place, but I could not even store it in my current place if it was disassembled and stacked against the wall. I also needed a storage space that was climate controlled. A piano can be ruined if it is not stored properly. Even the wood can crack. This piano was a prize and a joy to play.

My friend said he thought about selling it but then decided to just give it to me so he would know where it was at. He wanted someone who played to have it. He has also been a musician since he was very young. I never thought I would have a piano like this in my own place. It was just outside of my budget after opting to move into a bigger place. My new piano will fill up my living room at my new apartment, but that is okay. I can hardly wait to get it out of storage so I can play it.