It Was a Pleasant Surprise to Find That Luxury Apartments Exist

When I was much younger, I went through years of apartment life with roommates. I was in school and both of those things were quite necessary for a young person who did not make much money yet. After I graduated and was able to secure a good job, I wanted to buy my own place. But just one year after being with the same company, I was told I was being transferred, and I would need to look at apartments for rent in Buffalo Grove IL very quickly. I had only 30 days to find something.

I never knew there was even a chance of me being transferred, much less me living in another state. Of course, I had the option of not accepting the move, but when I learned why it was happening, I knew it was a good idea. My boss said that I was one of the best employees they have, and he did not trust any of our employees to do as good of a job as I would over at their Buffalo Grove location. He said that if I chose not to go, that would be fine and he would just hire a brand new employee to take the position. However, he said that the pay is double what I am making now and comes with a senior management title. I was sold!

The other nice thing that I found out is that there are some beautiful apartments in the area where I would be moving to. They looked nothing like the basic apartments I had lived in when young. The apartment building I found a unit in looks like a resort. There is even a club house with a movie theater in it., I quickly imagined having all my fellow coworkers over for movie nights. I am looking forward to this big change!