Just Because I Am in College Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Want Good TV Service

I moved into my first apartment. I had a job and at least six years of university education ahead of me at the same school. I got an apartment within walking distance to my side of the campus where most of my classes were going to be. The apartment was really nice, and all I needed to get now was television service. I was not impressed with what the cable service offered so I looked online at www.cable-tv.com/directv/iowa/sioux-city/ and found that DirecTV had more of what I was interested in.

They have over a 195 HD channels. And since one of my going away gifts for college was a really nice TV, I wanted to make sure it was hooked up to the best TV signal I could get for it. I had the building superintendent have maintenance mount the TV to the wall. They installed my sound bar I got for my birthday too. I hooked up my game console and the DirecTV tech hooked up my satellite service. I had quite the entertainment center in my apartment. The TV was mounted on an outside wall so no sound problems were going to irritate my neighbors. These apartments were newer and very well soundproofed anyway. Not like those old places where you could hear every conversation of your neighbors.

I wasn’t a party person. I was paying for most of my education out of my pocket. Therefore my apartment never became a haven for partying. However, I did make a few friends on campus and we do gather at my apartment to hang out, watch TV and play video games when we have time. My class and work schedule is brutal sometimes. One thing I really do like is being able to decompress at my new home by just vegging out for a bit in front of the TV. I can chose from many hours of DVR shows I have recorded on DirecTV or watch PPV. It is really nice.