Just Bought an Old House

I guess that we are going to need to do a lot of things before this house will be ready for us to move into. I already talked to a tree service in long island about one of the trees. It hangs over the top of the house and I did not like the looks of it to be honest. In fact it looks as though it is fairly certain to fall over at some point and so I figure it needs to go now. The house itself is almost in sight of the Long Island sound. There is a marina about a mile down the road and a state park even closer than that. In fact you can see a lot of the local folk walking to the park. It was really nice today and I saw one couple heading that way with a picnic basket. They were cutting through my yard, but of course they did not know that any one lived there as the place had been vacant.

I was really thinking about whether or not I might get one of those little sailboat. It would be pretty tempting since I am going to be living this close to the sound. Of course I am only a brave sailor so long as the sun is shining, the seas are calm and I can see the shore close enough for me to swim in. If the skies get the least bit dark I am going to head to shore as soon as I am able to do it. My old girlfriend was a really good sailor and that is where I learned the little bit that I know about it. If I was going to do it I might get a boat with a motor on the back of it.