My Mom Needed Temporary Help

When my mom fell at the store a few months ago, she was taken to the hospital mostly as a precaution. It turned out to be a good thing though, because she had sprained some muscles in her back. The doctor gave her a good prognosis, but healing was not going to come overnight. She was worried how she would manage at home on her own, and her doctor suggested that she find a company that provides senior home care in Long Island. We had both heard of companies doing this, but we had assumed that it was for people who needed a lot of medical help.

I was able to find a company that does this kind of work, and I spent some time looking at their website to familiarize myself with their services. While I did see where they do help people who have major medical issues who live in their own homes as well as people suffering from Alzheimers and dementia, they also provide help for people who are in the same situation as my mom. I would have had her come to my house, but she would have been left alone all day there too.

She needed someone who would be able to help her with just some basic needs until I got done with work. Mom was definitely not an invalid, but she couldn’t move quickly or without pain either. That is why we wanted someone there who could help her with meals and cleaning as well as personal hygiene needs. I even found out that they would take her to her doctor’s appointments on the days when I was not able to get off of work in time. This was the perfect solution for both of us, and Mom even said she is going to use them when she gets a lot older too!