My Mom Was Diagnosed with Dementia

When my mom was first diagnosed with dementia, I was heartbroken. I thought that I was going to lose her quickly, but that was nearly three years ago and she hasn’t changed that much! I realized that this is a disease that can hit quickly, but it can also take its time too. I was just so thankful that she had the latter, because it meant that she did not have to give up her home or independence, both of which are very important to her. She has a senior companion in Queens who comes in daily to help her with things, and I go on the weekends to take care of everything else.

I really appreciate everything her senior companion does for her, which is more than I would have ever imagined. Not only does she do the basics like clean and cook for Mom when she needs it,but she takes her where ever she needs to go too. If she just wants to take a walk, then they go. If she wants to go to the grocery store, it’s not a problem. Even going to a doctor’s appointment is something that can be arranged!

There is much more to it than just that though. Her companions spend time with her, they talk with her, and they keep her mind active. She is not left on her own to just get lost in her own thoughts. Instead, she is challenged to think and use her brain, and this is why I think the dementia is taking its sweet time on her. They are doing their best to keep her mind active and working, and it is doing just that. I owe them so much for what they are doing for her, and it is something that can never be repaid. They are giving me my mom, and there is no price on that.