Narrowing Down the Hunt to Summit Pointe Apartments

I recently finished graduate school and landed my first job. For the first time, I am solely responsible for finding a place to live. Prior to this, I’ve always had a roommate and the two of us figured things out together. To be honest, I’m finding the entire process a little overwhelming. I think I’ve narrowed my search down to the summit pointe apartments, but it certainly has not been easy.

First, I had to think about how much I was willing to spend. After I found out what my new job would be paying me, I had to consider how much would be coming out for taxes and how much I would need for groceries, savings and entertainment purposes. It was pretty surprising how quickly that money dwindled away!

Next, I had to consider what area of town I wanted to live in. Obviously, I wanted to be somewhere safe. I also did not want to be too far away from work, because a long commute in the mornings and evenings is just not what I want to do. So, I asked for recommendations on my social media page. It was really helpful hearing from friends and family members, and it helped me narrow down my search.

Finally, I used the Internet to help me find potential apartment complexes. The information listed online was great, but I found I could get a better feel for each complex by calling and speaking to a staff member. There were a few people who were rude or who just couldn’t answer my questions. I eliminated them from my search. For the rest, I made in person visits to see the apartments. It is amazing how different an apartment can look from its pictures online!

I feel a little bit of peace now that I am closer to a decision. Still, you would think I was buying a house with how much I have worried over this!