Real Facts About Controlling Cockroaches in New York City Apartments

I had called my wife at work to let her know I was calling pest control in Brooklyn to have them come out that afternoon last year. I did not want her to wonder who was in our house when she got home. She asked if I was calling pest control because my brother was in town again. I must admit, I did appreciate her humor. However, the problem was cockroaches. There are some facts that people in an apartment or house that has them may need to know but are reluctant to face.

The bugs have been around longer than people. They are resilient. People find them disgusting but cockroaches will actually clean themselves if they come in contact with a human. Now that is ironic! They are not the disease harbingers people think they are either. Probably most pests are not. Still, there are risks. And who in their right mind wants to share a living space with cockroaches? They are creepy and that is it. I am not a bug lover and wanted them gone.

The apartment we live in is an old building. It has been remodeled into very trendy apartments. Ours is a loft apartment with huge brick walls and plenty of big windows. The exterminator told me that there really is no eradicating cockroaches from a building once they take up residence. There is only controlling them. Hey, at least he was giving me the facts. He told me that regular treatments will keep them from populating to the point they are invading the kitchen again in plain sight. He did say to call in an expert to seal around pipes, electrical outlets, fixtures, appliances and old holes leftover from prior remodeling jobs on the old building. Having him spray regularly and sealing up the place has made a big difference.