Still Working in Real Estate

Of course in this case I am one of the few male salesmen working on this project, which is a huge condo project in Singapore Seaside Residences is the name of it and there are two enormous buildings with 26 floors in each of them. There are about eight hundred and fifty units in total and a huge number are not sold yet, so that is good for me and the other people who are trying to sell them. We know that we are going to have work for a long time. In fact most of the other sales agents are really attractive young women. The people who own the building obviously think that they are going to be better at selling the units to men. This is true, but I think that when it is a couple they are at a disadvantage. The woman is going to be jealous of these beautiful women for sure. At least that is how it seems to be every time that I see it.

In fact this is a great job, but only if you can make the sale. That is how you make money and some weeks are obviously going to be a lot better than the others, so I have to make sure that I hold back on spending when things go really well. You never know if the next week is not going to go as well. If you made sales every day then you would do great, but you are showing the units to different people all of the time. A lot of them really can not afford these places and others will just decide that the location does not work for them. You are not wasting your time, but you have to plant a lot of seeds before the crop comes in.