Tutoring Counters the Disabled Label Doctors Tried to Put on Our Son

When our son was born, the doctors basically told us to not expect him to excel in academics. They noticed signs of what they called developmental disabilities. We made it our life’s mission to get him to advance as far as he possibly could so that he did not have to rely on others to support his basic needs. One of the best helps we have received was educational help using tutors at a singapore tuition agency.

Our son does not have any physical signs indicating any learning disabilities. He is handsome and well developed muscularly. He enjoys running and weight lifting. As parents, we could see him struggling with subjects in school. We hired tutors at the first signs of trouble. The tutors did a wonderful job. I look back and think what it might have been like for him if we would have just listened to the doctors and not expected him to excel.

The tutors helped him to become an average student in some subjects and an above average one in others.