We Are Almost Ready to Move in

Meg and I are almost ready to move into our first place, a really modest house across the street from a Baptist Church in a really quiet little neighborhood. It is smaller than the apartment we are moving out of, but there is a tiny little yard with a lot of flower beds and we do not have a bunch of neighbors. We painted this morning and moved some of the stuff we could pack in the cars. I still need to get some sort of really affordable internet service and I am trying to figure out if I want to get a little satellite dish, because cable tv is really expensive here where we live. I am pretty happy to be honest, because we got a great deal on this place. It was all done informally. The house itself was never on the market. One day at work a friend of mine from the shipping and receiving department told me to talk to our UPS driver about his mother’s house.

It was really a simple matter. They wanted to sell that house pretty badly and they did not want to go through a big hassle about it. I am not really overeager when I talked to them, because I was not ever sure that I could swing it at that point in time. I was honest with them. I told them that I did not have enough money at that time, but I could try to come up with enough of it to make the deal. Of course I had to find it some place and I borrowed a little bit from my father and from Meg’s parents. It was not anything too significant, but it was enough to put me over the top and make the deal possible at this time.